How we build it all together?

How is our development process unique?

We have created the first-ever business to technology model for software development with a focus on enhancing business capabilities. Our agile & milestone-based development process from discovery to delivery helps bridge the right gap between required software solution for the business & delivered product.

What are the milestones in a project? How is payment connected to it?

We have designed the most dynamic milestone method so that you feel empowered through-out the project. The payment is also appropriately divided into milestones where you are requested to pay after validation of each milestone. This ensures that you feel confident and pay as you go. Currently, we don’t accept revenue sharing or equity-based payment since we might not understand the industry insights. We ensure you get  a world-class product and drive the maximum scale out of the value you pay.

Tools & Technologies
We Use

We use the best tools & technologies for you. We love to experiment with the tools & technologies to provide you with the best & latest trends!

What are the 2 models of software development?

At ValueScale, we follow 2 models of software development depending upon your requirements & stage of the product.

Turnkey/Scope based Project
This method is used for projects with clearly defined scope & existing inspiration for ready reference. This enables us to provide you with a fixed cost & time estimation for the project.

Time & Material based Project

This method is used when the project is expected to evolve over the development period or the scope of the project is huge for the team to chalk out a fixed boundary. In this method, a quarterly billing amount shall be agreed based upon the man-hours delivered by the dynamic team composition at a mutually agreed standard rate matrix.

Leading brands trust us for sustainable product development

Leading brands trust us for sustainable product development

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Recognition & Accolades

Recognition & Accolades

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