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Why Choose Us for IT Service Management ?

The IT Service Management (ITSM) industry is projected to be worth $4246.82 million by 2026!
It is high time you focused on taking your ITSM up a notch. That’s why ValueScale offers custom IT Service Management (ITSM) for you to handle your technical infrastructure and maximizing its usage.

You can design, manage, and optimize your existing IT infrastructure to enhance organizational performance.  From business-critical applications, desktops, laptops to network servers—our team’s expertise will allow you to utilize existing technologies efficiently.  

The dedicated IT helpdesk at ValueScale is committed to listening to all your queries and providing the most effective solution. Find answers to all your technical issues and resolve complications with the help of our seasoned team. We will help you in overcoming all tech-related hurdles to develop better solutions for customers. 

When you partner with us, you get the promise of: 

  • Prevention of IT problems and implementing appropriate solutions 
  • Upgrading IT infrastructure and adapting to the latest trends 
  • Improved functionality of technologies that saves time and expenditure 
  • High-quality IT services and support boost organizational productivity

Services we provide

01Service Request Management​

At ValueScale, you get top-notch facilities to gain greater command over request management and reduce technical complications.  Whether it is a password update request or accessing a software license—our solutions will assist you in handling it like a pro!  Our professionals will offer you the necessary support to receive, handle, track and monitor service requests. After service request resolution, you can conveniently communicate with the customer to ensure they are satisfied.

02Incident Management

Collaborate with ValueScale to get swift incident management solutions to handle sudden incidents and mitigate problems!

You will get the best incident management services in the industry to tackle unexpected disruptions. Being an essential component of the IT Service Management suite, our incident management facilities deliver solutions to restore any service to its original state. We start by analyzing your emergency management capabilities and recommend strategies to capitalize on your available resources for tackling unfavourable events.

Our professionals will support you in averting incidents that disrupt your operational efficiency through strategies like:

  • Incident Identification – Identifying events that can wreak havoc in your organizational setting before addressing them
  • Classification – Classifying incidents based on their category and impact 
  • Prioritization – Prioritizing the occurrence based on its urgency for efficient resolution
  • Resolution – Implementing strategies to eliminate or resolve the issue and restoring order  

We guide you in enhancing and automating your incident management strategies to restore system operations. You can successfully reduce downtime and associated expenditure for incident management.

03IT Change Management

Our convenient change management solutions ensure that changes such as technical upgrades and infrastructural modifications are seamless, that do not affect your workflows.  Almost 48% of human resource professionals consider change management as a top business priority. With ValueScale, all your change management needs are covered!  The ValueScale team enables you to prioritize, authorize and implement changes while safeguarding your services.
  • Define change processes and execute them faster than before
  • Tracking the changes and their impacts on your IT infrastructure effectively 
  • Share change strategies with team improve the transparency 
  • Define change management workflows and communicate responsibilities

04 Knowledge Management

42% of industry experts believe that knowledge management is crucial for their work culture. That’s why developing a robust knowledge base is the foundation to level up your business as it allows you to: 
  • Upgrade training and development by utilizing the knowledge base
  • Prepare and tackle your information life cycle for enhancing processes
  • Utilize appropriate customer information to elevate product development    
  • Improve communication and boost organizational productivity
Our team will offer you the services to harvest unstructured knowledge, document it, and transform it into easily accessible formats. It will enable various professionals to utilize the information and execute daily operations. 

05Project Management

You can leverage our advanced methodologies and technical support to execute projects successfully. With ValueScale, you can define project objectives, activities, responsibilities and align them with the desired outcomes.

With our experienced team by your side, you can flesh out a strategic timeline and roadmap to execute your projects to perfection. You can successfully save time in planning, budgeting and resource allocation with our expertise.

Tools & Technologies
We Use

We use the best tools & technologies for you. We love to experiment with the tools & technologies to provide you with the best & latest trends!

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